what’s with the blog title?

Perhaps you are wondering (or totally NOT wondering) why my blog is titled ‘What’s that shiny thing?’.  I have to say, my hefty dose of Ritalin does a fair job at reigning in my distractibility.  Despite that, there is a running joke in my circle of people about how I can be deep into a conversation and notice something out of the corner of my eye and have to address it…aka…what’s that shiny thing?  See the thing is, I can see that shiny thing, walk over to investigate, pick it up, place it in my pocket as a treasure and still maintain the conversation without missing a beat.  That’s how I roll.  This behavioral tendency however is mostly destructive to my companion(s) that I have been chatting with.  I always joke about my Ally McBeal moments…(hang in there…shiny thing coming) I  have these mostly funny scenes play out briefly in my mind quite often.  They usually are brilliantly vivid, well composed snippets of information, thoughts, opinions and so forth that I have gathered and that have been triggered into a Rube Goldberg type animation skit all in a matter of seconds.  When this happens, it is like dropping a lit piece of dynamite into the center of the conversation, leaving the participants confused, and at times disgruntled for the interruption.  See it only lasts a few seconds for me and I am all set and full on ready to continue talking.  Most times the looks of horror or dismay on the faces of my peers indicate that I might have done well to put a pause on my impulse to answer that enticing question that popped up in my inbox…what’s that shiny thing?


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