Look out!  She’s gonna blow!  Run for your lives!   It is a classic scene out of an edge of your seat draction (yes…I made that up) drama-action film.  The building is packed with c-4 and the clever main characters have just figured that out and are racing with every atom in their bodies, for the door.  Just as the building blows you are left wondering…did they make it out?  Look at that destruction…now that’s a glimpse into my brain.

My mind craves sensory input.  Play the radio and a movie at the same time…give me organized chaos and I thrive! I love high action, fast-paced days because I love the movement and the business.  My brain is in its’ happy place working with 3-5 year olds all day! What happens though when the very sensory input my brain craves puts me over an edge?  I have not quite figured out what it is that suddenly leaves me dangling from that precipice.  Perhaps if I could stop the world from spinning for a moment and breathe…shut all of my senses down and begin again.  Is it too much uncontrolled stimulus?
If I am at home when this happens then maybe I can shut down and then begin selectively engaging my senses once again.  What about in the market?  The other day I was strolling through the aisles of the store with my three littles and a fourth.  I only needed a handful of things and with no budget for more was a bit stressed at the incoming random requests for miscellany.  On top of repeatedly denying requests and exercising my veto power, my five year old followed closely behind me half stomping, half slap-slapping his sandals on the cool linoleum.  I thought I would lose my mind as I asked gently, even kindly, ‘please stop making that sound with your shoes papa…’  It turned to a plead until finally, in the last aisle it came out a bit different…’I’ve asked you a lot of times papa and if you continue to make that sound with your shoes I’m pretty sure I will lose my mind right here in the dairy section! Just saying…’  It felt better to say it and it even quieted the feet for half an aisle!  That was long enough for me to shift and shut it out when it started again.

What do you do when you are in public and your craving for sensory input suddenly leaves you in a state of near hysteria?  Cover your ears, shut your eyes tight and say ‘la-la-la-la-la’ really loud until it stops?  I haven’t quite figured out that piece of the puzzle yet.
Strategies? Anyone? Anyone?   …and the movie starts to play in my head…watch it here:


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