the name game…

Anyone recall the scene from Bachelor Party when Tom Hanks’ character announces, ‘Let’s try Brad!  Brad Brad borad bananafana fo fad…’ who knew there could be so much controversy about this wonderful play on words?
I look up to a whisper, my five year old son is giving me a message. ‘Did you know Mama that we can’t say witch witch bo’ and then he just mouths the rest without sound ‘b—-?’  Yes you are right I say. He continues ‘and you also can’t say…what’s the other one you can’t say?’ he asks his brother.  His brother proudly says, ‘chuck’.  Have I created this comical chaos in our house…after all, it was I who chuckled that day in the car when my three littles were singing the song and under my breath had commented, ‘just don’t try it with Chuck’.  You see, part of my ADHD is this fabulous ability to remember multi-dimensioned threads of information related to a topic.  Maybe that is why I love Google so much…type in one word and find loads of information about, related to, even distant cousins to that word and so on in one press of the enter key.  All of this reels through my mind and often I laugh out loud.  One downfall of my ADHD:  lack of filter.  There are times when I cannot stifle the blurt.  Clearly this was one of those times and it was so funny to me in my head that I was obliged to share that info.  And here it was coming back like the character in those Jason horror flicks.  You know what though?  He didn’t say it.  Good lesson?  Who knows…what I do know now is that a new entry has been made in the thread of my internal search engine…right under Tom Hanks singing ‘Brad Brad….” is my five year old proudly whispering his caution about the name song.

Here is a great throwback by Shirley Ellis compliments of You Tube…


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