through the adhd lens…

our minds are constantly in motion….sometimes we may seem as though we are not paying attention but rather the opposite is actually true as our minds are so engaged that we seem distracted.  We often have some difficulty monitoring how things are really going because in the moment our brains continue thought processes and ideas about a conversation so when we look back to revisit our playback may include our continued thought process about the interaction or meeting.  Reflection and check in with others is helpful to be able to sort out where a conversation ended and where it kept going for us if you will.

I have always found it necessary to engage more than one sense at a time to remain focused…I try essential oil to engage olfactory sense, visual stimulus of colored paper, colored pens…tactile stimulus of pencil grips, squishy balls etc.  and auditory by playing music…usually classical or something my mind is inherently already familiar with so it is not overly distracted trying to engage actively with something new.  When working on reports or papers, I love to play a movie that I have seen a jillion times for instance…the movie engages part of my brain that does a dance if you will, comfortable in the familiarity of knowing the next line or scene, while another part of my brain may be accessed in an uninterrupted manner in which to spill my fresh thoughts.

I have often described my mind as a luggage claim conveyor…it is always revolving with ideas and I could easily pluck any suitcase and run with it…the ideas and thought process keeps on going.

Conversations, meetings and attending classes are sometimes difficult as the mind is so actively thinking and running ahead with ideas and thoughts around what is being discussed.  It is difficult to not want to interrupt, to state the very important input that we have.  This can be misconstrued when it occurs…our brains are often two…or ten steps ahead as we rapidly process, connect and form the big picture…sometimes as others are still in the screenplay writing step we are at the theatre with our large bucket of popcorn watching the credits roll. (ok maybe just watching that catchy ditty that encourages ‘let’s all go to the lobby…’)   This can be frustrating as we may often be misunderstood.  It has been important for me to strategize a means to remember to slow down…to pause…to take a moment to let the luggage conveyor go around a few more times before somewhat impulsively grabbing my suitcases and heading for the door…

While multitasking at work with 25 preschoolers one day, I was experimenting with my camera…my runaway mind…and a magnifying glass. Here is the result…something I hope to achieve through continuing to look through my ADHD lens on this journey…to find some peace with it all.


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