time warp…in six minutes!

Time is a very funny thing…because of the activity level in my brain, time seems warped…brief interlude here:  time warp…let’s do the time warp again!

I can work at something for a very long time and it can seem like a short amount of time to me. This comes in handy for focused and quality outcome.  There are some downsides to it though…

Time warp was wonderful when I was in labor with each of my three children…12 hrs, 8 hrs, and 4 hrs consecutively, all-natural.  There was such a drained look on the faces of my birthing teams even when I had a sense of renewed energy.  You see, even 12 hrs seemed like two.  The beauty of the time warp!  I was introduced to time warp during Hypnobirthing classes.  It came in so handy during childbirth!  Reflecting back, I realize that I have been operating in time warp all of my life.  It is a coping strategy for me and if you have ever called me at a time I was supposed to be at a rendezvous with you I am sure you have heard me say ‘I’ll be there in about 6 minutes’.  That is my standard measurement of time…no matter how far away I am, in my head it is only six minutes from where I am supposed to be.

This becomes a downfall particularly when I am in the frenzy of my ADHD and multitasking 8 things at once.  I may call a friend…or my husband (ask him! ‘did you really just call me 5 times, on 3 different phones, in 4 minutes?’)  If I am busy, I have no sense of how much time has passed and may call and leave messages for someone many times without thinking about it.  Time warp strategy in this case becomes near stalking!  True story.  With no filter this becomes annoying…really it does! Add this to the list of obnoxious behaviors compliments of my blessing of ADHD.


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