I can’t lose my hand…

This is the standard response to the look of horror I often receive from any random person offering me a tidbit to remember.  ‘Let me write it for you’ ‘you sure?’  ‘I have paper right here?’…(insert standard response here)…  I lose paper…I cannot lose my hand.  Yes I am sure…and in the event that I do lose my hand, whatever was written on it will surely have to take a back seat to the medical attention that I will be needing.  On any random day, funky notes can be seen scrawled elegantly across the top of my left hand.  They remain there until completed, properly written somewhere else for future reference or…the ever dreaded…washed off beyond recognition.  The other day I was in the shower and my daughter overheard me repeating a phone number out loud. ‘WHAT are you doing Mama?’…I wrote an important number on my arm…inside of my arm, just down from my wrist toward my elbow…(there had been no space on the top of my hand).  It had begun to wash off and I was frantically trying to remember it so I could reapply with pen after I finished my shower.  It was a number to give a friend a reference for hosting a Fresh Air Child this Summer.  As it turns out…I called back and the person was not in hence phone tag began.  I can still make out a couple of the numbers but she already called back so it is all set…good to go!

I prefer Sharpie markers (stay tuned for a post about my love for Sharpies…and Dixon Ticonderoga pencils…) with which to document my things to remember.  For one, they remain on my hand longer…for two…the colors are fabulous and are more likely to get my attention over that shiny thing…

If you know me or someone in your circle who has ADHD or ADD, take time to check in…offer reminders, ask if you are stepping on toes to continue reminding.  I love it when my people help me keep on top of things…it is one of my beloved strategies!

Now let’s show some appreciation to the power of Sharpie:


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