the cape complex…

I’ve been called amazing, overachiever, do-it-all, eager to please, super mama and so on…yes indeed there are times when I consciously put on the cape…you know the one, it is made out of brilliant fabric and straps on just so…not too tight though, I am sensitive to that.  Sometimes the cape jumps on when I am not looking.  I do not set out to be one to bring attention to myself and do not like over attention or praise.  I am not a glory seeker.  I am however, a helper…a pleaser, a solver…you can call me Martha or Super Martha!  I like to multitask and I love the challenge to solve a problem for someone or lend a hand.  I strongly believe in encouraging others and often do so in reaction to needing much support and encouragement myself.  So, back to the cape…multi-tasking is a coping strategy for me.  If I am doing five things, it is often easier for me to complete them than it is for me to try to do one and see it too the end.  I know I have said this before in an earlier post. Forgive me now please for the times that I may totally repeat something without acknowledging that I already said it.  (shiny thing)  I find myself questioning at times if I already said something because the reality in my brain does not always coincide with the reality of a conversation that I may be having.  Often I have (and no offense, I assure you I am paying attention to you) concluded the conversation with eighteen different endings before it is actually done. (treasure pocketed)
The cape…merely a coping strategy.  It is often viewed by others as grandiose…believe me it is not.  Until I find a different or more efficient means of getting things done, the cape stays!
I have considered upping my Ritalin dose, drinking copious amounts of caffeine(which really just puts me to sleep) or including sugar as the most important consumption in my diet (also sleep inducing) though none of these options seem like a healthy trade off.  So for now the cape it is!

One of the downfalls to this is that occasionally my body gets tired…and my family members start assembling the search party or contemplate reporting me as a missing person.  Finding this balance is a constant struggle.  I just add it to my list of multi-tasking and try to use it to my advantage. Anyone out there struggle with this?  Balance can be a tricky thing!  Stay tuned for a post dedicated to balance…or our perception of it…


One thought on “the cape complex…

  1. your cape is brilliant and I am so glad you are feeling so passionate about your willingness to share the journey on this blog. I triple like it. 🙂 you and the cape have saved my behind on more than one occasion and I love you for it.

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