mac crash?

A few weeks back (exact time unknown…time warp)  my MacBook was repeatedly warning me of low volume disk space…I couldn’t immediately put my finger on what was causing this.  As I tooled around investigating the cause, I happened to notice that I had over 20,000 photos in my iphoto…just from the last nine and a half months.  My ever patient:  (he told me so, really and how did I accumulate that many photos and why can’t I delete them) husband helped me to hook up my terabyte and a half external (which my husband aptly named…More Photos) in order to upload the pictures file off my computer.  I did not see it as too much of an issue until I saw it was going to take hours! It was only 92 gigs!  What’s the problem?  Well, I transferred the 92 gigs and started afresh with a new iphoto library which already has 1,926 photos in approximately 2 weeks time…(apologies to you faithful MacBook Pro!)  Lesson to be learned…try to delete the absolutely not needed extra photos…I will add that to my list of things to be worked on….where’s my sharpie? (there’s a little room left on my hand!)


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