…it’s Broadway!

…delicate dance between dangling over the edge and allowing myself to be me… Balance:  it can mean you are able to do the tree pose without falling over, it can mean positive or negative when it refers to my bank account, and it can mean wearing so many hats at once that sometimes I can’t remember my name.  You see when I think of balance, I have a skewed vision…my picture of balance means one end of the board is always higher because balance is knowing that I contributed all that I could towards something I believe in.  (SHINY THING!!!!!)  Mrs. Doubtfire…great movie!  Married my husband because he cried at this movie on our first date.  Robin Williams is wearing so many hats as he juggles a meeting, as a man…with being the enamoring nanny to his own children.  After a short time he is a little lit from the drinks and doesn’t quite make the full costume change.  All are alarmed…and he has to confess his dilemma.  My life is somewhat like that…in the film, Robin’s character was so passionate about something that he went to great lengths to achieve it without thinking twice.  Granted, his children were involved and that is a great thing to fight for.  I would venture to say that his character was blessed with ADHD.
One thing that I value about my ADHD is that I have the capacity to feel passion very deeply.  (stay tuned for a blog about ADHD/ADD and loving who you are in it)  Sometimes in my life I am wearing so many hats that I might show up for Romeo and Juliet dressed for Cats… True story!  I have to consciously work on being more fully present with less hats on.  As for the passion…it stays.  I believe that you can truly honor yourself and thrive at doing something you LOVE.  I am fortunate enough to have a job that I adore.  I can show up, be myself, and still make a difference and grow.  I am thankful for that!  And…it totally does not matter if I show up dressed for a Broadway show!


2 thoughts on “…it’s Broadway!

  1. I have always been interested/awed by the variety of things that people get passionate about, loving their passion, wondering what makes ’em tick. I would absolutely love to see you at work, dressed for broadway and doing your thing!

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