nail polish and kinesthetic sense…

For as long as I can remember, (and I have a steel-trap memory!)  I have painted my toenails.  For many years, it was the same exact shade…(I stocked up when it was on sale…)  When I was pregnant with my first child, and went into labor…I vividly recall balancing precariously to freshen the polish prior to heading to the hospital. My toes are NEVER without polish…EVER!  As I was freshening the polish this morning, I asked myself why I do this…I questioned my motivation, why is this important to me.  Amazingly, I had an answer.  There is something to be said for proprioception and kinesthetic sense.  It is good to know where we end and others begin…an awareness of our own body in space and time.  I find that I sometimes struggle with this…with feeling grounded. I rarely wear closed toe shoes…flip flops (flips) is where it is at for me.  Even though I live in Maine, I will wear my flip flops right up until snow flies and even after it does.  Therefore…I almost always have a great view of my red toes…

My kinesthetic sense is sometimes a bit off… when walking with a friend, I always have to apologize as I have a habit of veering into them as I walk.  It is a way for me to know where I am in conjunction to the world around me.

As I looked at my polished toes, I realized that no matter where I am or what I am doing, when I glance down at my toes, I see that red polish…it gives my brain a message of sorts…this is where my body is…this is where my feet touch the ground.  I now recognize this as a strategy.  Much of this journey entails appreciating the uniqueness that is me and learning why I do the things I do.  Take time today to appreciate freshly painted toenails!  It’s a beautiful thing…


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