smelling the roses has officially been replaced…by shiny things!

I have been an avid photographer for some time now.  I have my camera with me at all times…just in case I need it.  (Barring the occasional quick jaunt to the market).  Funny story about my driving…I have a visual scan that sees EVERYTHING!  I have this great peripheral vision that seems to allow me to see things that sometimes alarm my passengers.  I inherited this from my great grandmother that apparently did this very same thing. She could be driving the car and notice things her passengers often missed.  I’ve learned from reminiscence of relatives that this also frightened her passengers just a bit.  The blessing in this is that I have taken some amazing photographs by paying attention to what catches my eye…even if I am driving.  That shiny thing that catches my attention often cannot be overlooked…even if I try to ignore it and drive past it, I more often than not turn the vehicle around, go back and photograph it. (Believe me it is worth it!)  I have learned not to overlook it the first time for if I try to ignore it, I am plagued by the memory of how I forced myself to drive past it each and every time I am in the vicinity of it again.

Complex huh?  You might be thinking ‘what a freak!’. Well, let me share with you what I have learned and I believe we all can benefit from it.  Remember to stop for the shiny things…appreciate them.  Taking time to smell the roses has now officially been replaced.  Folks without the blessing of ADHD/ADD may not have the driving force that brings their attention to so many shiny things in a day, or the heightened level of urgency to address them, however, there is something to be said for acknowledging and appreciating those shiny things.  For me, it is a way to honor who God made me to be.  I look at those shiny things, pick them up, photograph them, share them and grow from the time I take to do this.  In photographing them, I am able to bless others, preserve them, revisit them and even make them a part of my identity.  You see, I think in pictures…I process thoughts, feelings, situations and more by attributing a picture in my mind to it.  I formulate ideas around pictures and remember strategies through them.  This is a very powerful tool.

Stay tuned for a blog about working with children and how this tool may help foster more fruitful social interactions for children whose minds are amazingly active…how we can help them to press pause, hear their friends, family, educators etc.).  So take time today to notice the shiny things, allow yourself to appreciate them and make them part of you…share them…and grow, just a little…

***the photograph of the shells in my blog header is a result of my attention to shiny things…photographed on a friends beach in Castine, ME 2011  for more of my work you can visit


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