what’s vacation?

…so I have an entire week off from my day job teaching preschool.  What’s that about? When I told my daughter we would have vacation this coming week her response was, “vacation? what do you mean vacation?”  I don’t do vacation well…and I don’t do it often!  I know it is a great opportunity to hang with my littles and enjoy some of the summer that happens before 5 p.m.  The thing is, I love my routine…I always know what to expect at work, I love teaching…it’s what I do.  Come tomorrow morning when I can maybe sleep in, I won’t.  I will be up working hard to enjoy not being at work.  Relaxing is not my forte’, I like busy.  I’ll let you know how this goes.  My mind is reeling right now about how to handle my down time…and yes…it is that difficult for me.  At the very least, I am thrilled to be able to go to work to check on and water our garden…and feed the fish!  I will do my best to make it a great day, one during which all shiny things are attended to and appreciated. Now Tuesday…that’s another story! I will have to keep you posted…

On the way to a birthday party this afternoon I was blessed with another Monarch!  Of course I had my Nikon with me…I was rewarded for it by capturing this incredible moment…I have a feeling I need to seek out more of these moments and capture them…it is good for my soul.

Copyright K Mngqibisa 2011


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