Monday morning…vacation day one

Monday is here…I’m at the computer, Tanzanian Gombe Reserve Fair Trade in the jar directly to my right…I have already texted a freak out message to my Director. (brief pause as the song plays in my brain).   My children are confused…we are still home, is it Sunday?  Where is Daddy?  Is he upstairs?  No, he is at work.  They keep reminding one another that it is a stay home day. They begin arguing about how many days we will be staying home and my older son begins a discussion about his upcoming birthday…and that would be on Saturday…(birthday, presents, planning, cake…uh-oh) seconds later and they are arguing about the Wii, and now a ball they are using…wow is overload happening already?  I guess we will be working on patience this morning…and negotiation!  I think my brain is short circuiting already.  Vacation is a good time to breathe and form some parenting strategies for myself…ones that might actually work.  Easy?  Not so much.  Necessary?  Absolutely…it is part of my journey to do some really honest parenting about how I feel with ADHD…how my brain gets overloaded…how we all need to take a moment to consider how we could all take a little better care of one another out of love.

My daughter is still sleeping.  She and I stayed up rather late listening to The Mysterious Benedict Society Prisoner’s Dilemma on itunes.  We have heard it before many times though it served to be the comfortable thing in the background as I did computer work and she worked on her art wall until a bit past midnight.  She is me…working diligently late into the night on something she is very excited to be doing. This makes me smile…these are things I am thankful to see in her.   I know that when she comes downstairs, it will be with paper and sharpies in hand to complete her vision.  She wants to cover our wall behind the couch with artwork related to and featuring a piece she completed a few weeks ago. Passion and sharpies, they are just in our DNA! (ATGC…the trusty double -helix)

I will take a moment this morning to reflect upon the good things I have shared with my children in appreciation of my ADHD.  I will love on them and encourage them and build them up. We will all grow a little… Later we will go to work and water the garden and bring home some fresh vegetables for dinner…it will be a ‘stay home’ (no work or school on a weekday) day with Mama and it is going to be a good one!

Copyright K Mngqibisa 2011

So as I predicted…my daughter came downstairs…papers, sharpies in hand and she created her wall…It is an amazing and creative expression of herself and I love it!

Copyright K Mngqibisa and Z Mngqibisa 2011


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