Wii balance..do you?

All three of my children went down the street to their friends’ house.  I decided that I would try out the Wii Fit.  I did a body test, confirmed that I have some pounds to lose (I already knew this…just quit drinking soda about two and a half weeks ago to help this).  I tried some basic yoga moves and balance testing.  How nice to hear that my balance is a little bit off!  Thank you animated man of the Wii Fit for informing me that I am a bit unbalanced on my right side and a little shaky.  That is actually good information!  Balance is a challenge whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or otherwise.

Since I am on vacation and considering ways to grow and be more healthy then why not look at my physical balance and incorporate something in my daily routine to strengthen that?  I have resounded to eating better and limiting sugar and this is definitely helping.  My moods are more even and physically I am hoping to be more on track.  Strengthening myself more wholly is the goal.  Little steps…noting progress…remembering to exercise a bit and involving my family in a way to strengthen our relationships and our physical bodies together. Sounds like a win-win!  And when I begin to question my own balance…all I have to do is turn on my Wii Fit and that animated man will tell me like it is!  How comforting is that?  What do you do to check in on and maintain your own balance? How do you do this as an individual, as a parent, friend, spouse?


2 thoughts on “Wii balance..do you?

  1. I Wii-fit when I can’t walk outside…and it IS nice to have a kindly voice telling me like it is! and also giving those Atta Girls when I sign in more often. My personal 1/2 hour routine really produces results over time!

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