Thankfulness, four layer chocolate cake…and a prayer

Today is my sons birthday…I am thankful today, for his life…for his sensitivity and compassion…and for the love that he is!  I woke up early and made his cake.  It is my grandmothers’ four layer chocolate cake recipe with a cooked, light, not too sweet icing.  I do love baking and do not do it nearly often enough. He requested pink icing…it is his favorite color he says.  I honored his request…I made a sign for the top to accompany his cake decor of Ninjago.  As I write this, my three children are grooving to music and a disco ball light.  My husband is parked in a laundry basket chuckling at their cool moves.  They are giggling and having a blast being free as the children that they are. My husband enjoys announcing which moves clearly demonstrate his rhythm and which ones clearly come from ‘Mama’s side of the family’.  Everyone has a refreshing laugh…(well, not me really).  We are thankful for our children, and for the opportunity to celebrate my sons’ 9th birthday.  We will be eating the cake for days!  It is huge!

Part of my ADHD is an obsession with the news. I like to be aware of what is happening in the world around me.  For the past five days, I have been closely following a heartbreaking story out of New Hampshire…the desperate search for Celina Cass.  She went missing from her home without a trace and she is eleven years old.  My own daughter is eleven.  It alerts me to slow down a bit, to not take things or others for granted.  I pray that this little girl is found safe and found soon.

I will hug my children tighter…draw them closer… and continue to be thankful.  I will continue praying for Celina Cass and her family and ask that you do too.



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