…a day for shiny things

Today is a new day, a fresh start…for those of you who have been following this journey, you know I am a finder of shiny things. I am an avid news follower and have been praying for the safe return of an 11 yo from New Hampshire.  Yesterday, she was found…deceased. I will continue to pray for her family and the hundreds of people that searched tirelessly to find her.

I sat with my two oldest children this morning (one of whom is an 11 yo girl), and chatted with them, laughed with them, listened to them.  As we were talking, a bit of sunlight found its way in through the drawn shades and cast a tiny rainbow on the corner of my couch.  It was not there for very long, but it was definitely a shiny thing to be appreciated.  It is a reminder to me and an encouragement to me to continue to notice the small things that sometimes distract me.  Find joy in these things and for a moment, appreciate who I am and the little things that make me…ME.  Today I will be a little more loving, a little more patient and a little more understanding of those around me…I will collect the treasures that I am drawn to.  I will store them for that kaleidoscope I am making (stay tuned for more info on the kaleidoscope!) No matter what is happening in your life today, I encourage you to breath today, notice the shiny things, appreciate them, and grow a little.


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