i have a rock in my pocket…and i’m NOT afraid to use it!

We all have giants…things that we face (or totally choose not to face) that may seem daunting, looming, sometimes too big to look at. Sometimes it is too overwhelming to think about. I am a rock collector…I prefer smooth rounded stones that I may hold in between my fingers. I love the ones that I find on the beach…the ones that have been crafted by the power of the mighty ocean. I read once (long after I had begun carrying my smooth, carefully chosen stones in my pocket) that doing so was a means of changing the energy around you.  The article stated that stones were said to absorb negativity. There is much talk about which stones work and which do not…I don’t get into that.  I use the stones I find.

Perhaps I took this concept and applied it to my ADHD self and made it my own.  I coupled it with my connection to David.   I have a kajillion smooth stones at home hidden in various jars and such…in my bureau drawers, in pockets.  The stones I carry hold great significance for me…they are my beloved and trusty stones…like Davids’ stones that he confidently carried as he faced Goliath head on.  I sometimes forget that this is a strategy for me.  It really works well as long as I remember.  It grounds me, focuses me…reminds me of my unshakable foundation that God is for me.  To quote one of my favorite songs by Casting Crowns, ‘I’ll take a shack on a rock over a castle in the sand’.  It is nice to have the stones in my pocket and when I go through tough times or interactions, I have my Ally McBeal moments when I just whip those stones out and throw them at the person who is giving me such grief!  Quite satisfying…

So how do you face your giants?  With ADD/ADHD these giants could be getting the dishes done…making a difficult phone call…showing up in a social situation…anything that causes you to hesitate, start to worry, isolate, avoid…small things can be big AND as I have found with my stones…little things can be POWERFUL!  Equip yourself with the little things you need.  Build a firm foundation and no matter the giant this foundation will remain unshakable!

Copyright K Mngqibisa 2011


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