i am a brain surgeon…

…just finished watching a brilliant documentary about Autism.  Along with wanting to be a pediatric neurosurgeon, I wanted to attend UNC Chapel Hill (the Autism Capital of the world) to obtain a degree in working with children diagnosed with Autism.  In college, I spent my nights caring for two adults with Autism among their challenges.  I had a real connection with these people.  In my twenties, I worked in a specialized school for children with a myriad of challenges.  I worked for a very long time with a girl named Beth.  I spent very long days with her and recall many mountains that we climbed together.  I can only hope that her memories of the time we worked together are a fraction as fond as mine.  I grew a tremendous amount during my time teaching and caring for many individuals with this diagnosis.  I recently revisited my intrigue of Autism.  In doing so, I watched a compelling documentary called Loving Lampposts.  You can view the documentary here:


I appreciated the perspectives shared and the shift of focus and energy that it emphasizes…check it out when you have a moment!

I truly did want to be a pediatric neurosurgeon…I am fascinated by the brain and by child development.  I suppose, in my heart, I am a brain surgeon of sorts…I am a preschool teacher.  That certainly lends itself to influencing growing minds now doesn’t it? And hey!  I sometimes do wear gloves…and come to think of it, I scrub in many times a day!


2 thoughts on “i am a brain surgeon…

  1. Have you seen the movie Temple Grondin or read the book? I’ve done both, loved them both for different reasons. We have spectrum kids in the family.

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