…turning the big change into spendable cash

change…well established that change and I are not fast friends.  There are times in life when you can very successfully avoid change.  When you can maneuver your way around it to almost completely minimize the effect it has on your plan…your comfy structure…your cozy routine.  And then…there are those ‘other’ times.  You know the ones, the times of change that leave you anxious and out of your mind worried about what will this look like? feel like?  be like?  These are the times that can leave you feeling like nothing will ever be the same again a permanent detour…like things will never feel like they did prior to that ‘event’.  Major transitions like job change, living situation change, marriage, divorce, death, birth…and so forth.  One of these big changes that I am dealing with right now is the transition from preschool to kindergarten.  Not I of course…but my last born…my baby boy.  Perhaps you can relate…I have been working on dealing with the fallout from this transition as I simultaneously attempt to reassure my son that it is all going to be okay.  This is a bit tricky when I am questioning in my own mind…’is this really going to be ok?’ ‘how will I feel when I am not there if he needs me?’ ‘how will I feel if he is not there when I really need him?’  I can see that he struggles with this too and he has a lot of questions to ask about the change.  Problem is, he often says to me ‘can we not talk about that Mama? I don’t want to think about it right now.’  So my concern is that in two weeks time, he will be in kindergarten and not here at school with me.  With new teachers and classmates in a new environment how will he cope?  Better yet, how will I cope? So how will I turn this change into an asset? How can I make it into spendable cash?  Here are a few ways that I will be trying:

Take advantage of moments to have six feet thick ice conversations.  (Yes, that is the beauty of me!  Six feet thick ice conversations are the ones you can have without worry you are going to fall through the ice and not get back out of the freezing water.)  When it seems safe, venture out on the ice a little…have a conversation about the upcoming change and then scoot back to shore.

Visit the school and make it familiar.  This will help you and your child feel more comfortable and you too will be able to envision your child in that environment.  Take a few trips to the playground together.  This will give your child familiarity too.

Remember to attend the back to school bbq or ice cream social…a great time to meet other families and also the teachers and other school staff.

Don’t pressure your child to talk but be ready to go there with them when they are…practice listening and be sure not to minimize their concerns…work together to come to solutions.

Take it day by day…or as I am right now, minute to minute!

any ideas?  I surely welcome your input


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