reality and fog…

Copyright K Mngqibisa 2011

Yesterday was filled with the wonder and anticipation of hurricane Irene…there were some pretty magical views to be captured as I accompanied my friend to deliver cakes for a wedding on the island.

Some reality for today…my youngest really is going to kindergarten.  This was literally painfully evident to us both as he received four vaccinations this morning.  I realize that I am so not ready for this and I can’t really do too much about that.  I can work on having a positive attitude towards it though which will hopefully in turn, encourage my son.  He looked so little to me and scared at the Dr…so vulnerable.  I do have to be realistic…it is not like I am putting a red cape on him and sending him into the woods to the wolves.  At least I hope I’m not.

More ways I will cope:

I will form and maintain strong relationships with the school…teachers and staff.

I will continue to find ways to forge conversations with my son about how he is feeling about the upcoming change…

I will do my best to feel positive about his new adventure and assure him in that too…

I will volunteer and contribute as much as I can to the school because it is important.

I will allow myself to grieve…to cry.

I think for a while yet I will feel like this building in the fog…I can see a little but must trust and have faith that the foundation is unshakable.



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