the middle…

the middle of the teeter totter is nice…balanced, safe…the middle of the road opinion is not necessarily swaying one way or another…it’s in the middle and the middle of the stick is certainly not the short end of the stick…the middle is where it can be comfortable to meet.  Now let me share with you about the middle that we are currently facing.  It appears at this point to be nothing about comfort, or safety or balance for that matter.  It is a towering giant in my house right now…in my daughters heart and by connection to her…in my own heart as well.  Middle School is a huge deal!  There are many more teachers, new faces, hallways, lockers, homework assignments and feelings to negotiate.  It is mornings fraught with anxiety and crying, nervousness and looks of, ‘how could you Mama?  I just want to be with you don’t you understand?!’  Believe me, I am listening to her and am trying hard to understand as best I can what she is feeling.  She is my first born, my baby girl…it breaks my heart to see her struggling so much.  I am trying my best to be firm and loving and to rally the support she needs and deserves as she grows through this transition.  I am thankful for our evenings together as we talk and snuggle and I reassure her.  I am not too fond of the drop off when she cries and it is so huge to her that she doesn’t want to even face it.  I know that she will grow to enjoy it and what she has to offer to it.  I am proud of her no matter what and will continue to be strong for her even if I am crying when I drive away…just like she is as she heads to homeroom.  We will get through this together my girl and I…


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