in search of peace…just ask a preschooler!

I am a teacher of preschoolers…I work alongside an amazing team of teachers…we love, nurture and grow the leaders of today…and tomorrow, we encourage the writers, the artists, the musicians, the poets…we bandage future doctors and counsel future lawyers…we empower the beauty that is each child that we care for.

Over the past Summer we held a Peace Camp and each group was charged with writing a song about peace. We wrote about what peace is, where you may find it and how you may share it.  Here is the song that was composed by my group of children that in honor of MLK Jr. I have posted here in poetry form.  As you read it, may you feel the strength and power of the words spoken by 3-5 year olds.  May you be enlightened to hear the hundred languages they speak…


Let’s talk about PEACE
…and what it is….

Peace is singing!
Peace is my Mama!
Peace is a circle of friends…
Peace is petting my cat!
Peace is happiness and being with my friends!
Peace is playing…
Peace is a heartbeat…
Peace is hugging!
…and catching a fish!

Let’s talk about PEACE
…and where we find it….

Peace can be found…in the earth!
Peace can be found…in our hearts!
Peace can be found…in Mama’s hug!
Peace can be found…in my Daddy’s arms!
Peace can be found…in a good book!
Peace can be found…in my Mom’s heart!
Peace can be found…in the world!
Peace can be found…in our family…

Let’s talk about PEACE
…and how we share it….

We share Peace by playing with each other nicely…
We share Peace through sharing…
We share Peace with hugs…
We share Peace  by sharing your heart…
We share Peace by hugging people when they are hurt…
We share Peace by using kind words…
We share Peace in a smile…
We share Peace by showing love to people in all kinds of ways…

Let’s talk about PEACE and what it is, where to find it, how to share it…
Let’s talk about PEACE…      Summer 2011


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