…so part of my amazing ADHD brain allows me to become incredibly bothered by rather benign things.  One of these things, for instance, is seeing random single shoes, sneakers, sandals, flipflops, boots…you name it, sitting along side or even in the middle of the road.  This makes me absolutely NUTTY!  Everytime I see it, I think to myself ‘what is happening’?  I really get annoyed at why a random piece of footwear is just there.  AND HOW did it get there?  Do people NOT notice they are missing a shoe? Where is the other one? Is there a band of menacing people that do this just to mess with me?  I really and truly ‘DO NOT get it.  It irks the daylights out of me…no exaggeration! (Just ask my family…)  So this past Sunday morning we were on our way to church and I had just done an overnight so perhaps I was a bit tired.  All of a sudden there it was…the rebel black boot…it was even furry and had pom-pom tassels…SERIOUSLY?  It bothered me so much that I mumbled about it  all the way to church and even more so such that on the way home, I insisted my daughter use my phone to take a photo of it… I drove down the same road on my way home the other night and guess what?!  IT IS STILL THERE!  aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh!


Can you relate?  What really irks you?


2 thoughts on “…what…why…how…

  1. Oh thank goodness, I am not the only one! I used to find myself completely disturbed by the single shoe. I have found that if I make up a little story about the life of the shoe, sometimes including a possible owner, it is not so bad and rather entertaining. I don’t obsess over it, it doesn’t irritate me, and I get to have a little imagination fun. Depending on how much time I have in the car or how often I see the shoe, the stories can become quite intricate. Try it, it is better than letting it upset you.

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