my Jesus lens…

You sang… My heart listened intently, not for the fear of your doing it to speak but for what Jesus was saying through you… It captured my attention that… Your bravery, your admittance to the awkwardness of never doing this in your life and I heard your song … Heard the quiet message for me that was tucked gently in the folds …sort of a whisper, an exhale…a message from Jesus so personal and fine and intricate. So connected to that voice I continued to hear it resonate an hour or more later…wafting from the sound system of the restroom…ear acutely attuned. Are you kidding? I pressed in…oh…hold up…it’s Suzanne Vega singing Tom’s Diner.

I just returned…blinking my eyes to adjust back into my daily routine after an amazing weekend with the ladies… On a beach …on retreat…returning home to my family, having heard intently what I was meant to. I came back in search of an intricate and tangible reminder of my new awareness. I went on the search for a monocle…a lens that I could wear as a pendant. My heart was blessed…I learned the importance of being able to keep perspective… Grounding in truth and love by using the lens of Jesus…and my miracle came… Just three days later…three days! A dear and precious friend who heard my heart delivered this to me as a gift…I’m so grateful…and so very literal…


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