Cheerios and kindness…good for your heart!

Cheerios… Good for the heart! Earlier this week I read an article about the recent Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial family. My heart grew… Being a cream Mama of coffee milk babies and wife to a sweet chocolate brown husband, I related!

I’ve faced the questions since my daughter was born thirteen yrs ago. As we went to dinner to celebrate my finishing graduate school and were waiting for our table, the hostess looked at my newborn and then at me… Puzzled… “Where did you get her from? ” keep in mind… Less than a week post 12 hrs of labor with no meds to bring this beautiful baby into the world, I did not receive this question lightly… Even more appalling was that my husband was standing right behind me holding the baby gear. Want to know my response? I took a deep breath and said matter of factly… “From my uterus!” And so it went… With two beautiful baby boys to follow…more questions came, comments, glares of disbelief and so forth.

I’ve learned to respond more out of love and kindness…it educates and surely hurts my heart less!

My reason for focusing on the Cheerios commercial is this… It did not make the news because it was a brilliant advertising choice… It’s in the news because some people began responding to it with such hate and disgust that youtube had to shut down the comment section. That breaks my heart… I teach my children and the children that I work with at preschool and in kids church, that we treat people with respect and with kindness… That being kind and loving grows our hearts… Just like Cheerios makes our heart healthy!


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