…to be heard


Promise it resonates that you are not what you did you are not defined by an action of the past but by choices for your future…I pray that you felt the powerful reception of your message to us…hear this… You are HOPE…
Continue to be real … It is a powerful vehicle… Sometimes REAL translates to uncomfortable but since when has comfort brought about true change? It is in really listening that we come to know… It is in the listening that the impetus for human connection is nurtured. It is in human connection that we come to learn we are one in the same… We are no different, all deserving of a moment to be heard …I’m so sorry you had to speak so loudly and so powerfully to be heard… Though in my heart I’m ever so thankful that you did.


…under the knife

I have never had plastic surgery or even thought about it…on the outside that is.  I have however, been ‘under the knife’ more times than I would like to remember…on the inside.  Change for me is HUGE!  I don’t much like it…okay to be honest, I’d be quite comfortable without it.  I have learned though that in order to grow one must learn how to embrace change or in my case at least cordially ‘hug’ it a little.  In my heart of hearts I know that it can be a good thing and an important part of life and being human. I think I have already established though that I’m not so fond of the human stuff.  I liken change to plastic surgery because of the deep pain that I often feel as a result.  I love things deeply…I adjust and accommodate and even assimilate when necessary.  I like routine…it is a shelter for me.  I’m not talking little changes but let’s face it, life is riddled with plenty of large scale changes that are just that…part of life.  If I could stay a mom of young children all of my life I would do it.  If I were young enough and resourceful enough to birth and provide for 10 more children I would choose it.  The new chapter of my life stars my youngest of three heading to kindergarten and the oldest of my three beginning middle school.  As the chapters in their lives change majorly, so do mine by default.  And here I am once again, ‘under the knife’ and with no anesthesia…