to hear…

I must trust that you know what I need

As I seek to be at your feet to surrender, you lift me… You beckon me to your embrace… The embrace that tells me I am yours… That assures me you have not left me in my struggle…that whispers… I am right here with you

Allow myself to accept your invitation to love me fully for that’s the only way to fully loving myself

Only right now I cannot seem to hear you…


in the shadow…

In the shadow…anxiety lurks
Sadness waits… Curls it’s fingers around my ankles as I pass
Before I know it my chest seizes
I become frantic inside, tears sting my eyes still searching for that which has touched me
My body feels heavy, my mind struggles to be positive and hopeful
I know the mind is powerful… The battle ensues… I cannot do it on my own…cannot seem to escape fully the shadow… the shadow of depression that I long to be rescued from…the shadow that is all too real…

…dear sleep

Dear sleep… Where were you all night? I waited and waited for your arrival and you never came…I searched the news for you… Praying my eyelids might grow heavy and catch a glimpse of you… I prayed to the shepherd instead of counting sheep and He had another purpose for me…eighteen hrs later as I sit on my porch in the breeze at sunset I am exhausted… Feeling depleted and so much not enough. Perhaps the reason was simple… To relax and know I don’t have to worry because Jesus surely has it all covered …





…and sleep turns down the cozy bed and fluffs my pillow…