…this morning as I hung out with my student, we were called upon to take a turn at contributing to the stunning mural that speaks of the history of our city. The task, to apply paint to a portion of the mural while being sure to leave a buffer zone around the perimeter. The purpose is to preserve the crisp black sharpie lines that help define the masterpiece. Here is where it gets good… The magic, in the form of a sweet little porous package…  

The director of the project explains this part… ” if you paint over the line, just say ‘sponge ‘! And I will come and fix it.”
I’ve decided that we could all benefit from such a delightful service! … That whenever our crisp definitive lines of self get blurred or covered we merely pause and call out “sponge!!!!” And voila… The magic happens, the fuzziness is wiped away and clarity emerges. Without question we see clearly who we are … It would be like having a personal assistant to keep us in check … 

I think I should pursue this idea! There are so many times in a day when I wish someone would unblur the fuzziness… Sharpen those lines a little… Make it all a little clearer…a masterpiece defined!

Sponge ! 


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