I love you…STOP touching me!

Have you ever said it?  Is it a Mama thing?  An ADHD thing? All I know is that this is a common phrase in my handy repertoire of blurts.  I have not pinpointed a circumstance under which this occurs though believe me it happens.  I am sure that it must happen when I am in that luxurious place called overload and not realizing that destination has been reached.  Too much sound perhaps? Too much tactile input maybe?  What I do know is that there are generally two camps of reaction.  One of these is the nod and smile…usually from people that know me, love me or strangers that can totally relate.  The other is pure horror…usually from someone in public that probably is asking themselves if they should speed dial child services.  Believe me, by the time I get to this place there is often no turning back. Out comes the blurt…I love you…STOP touching me!  Sensory overload all right!  Wave the flag!

Pause, breathe, close my eyes and maybe plug my ears.  I am sure it would behoove me to make a plan to recognize the signs before I reach this point but due to my mind being so busy and engaged, there is just not room for this type of sensor.  Manage the blurt…minimize the fallout and try not to freak out while in the market or any other public place…then again, the horrified reaction sometimes makes me giggle and this often re-calibrates my sensory meter.  What? Inappropriate and insensitive reaction on my part…well, stay tuned as that is just entirely another blog titled…’It was REALLY funny…in my head’.


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